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Dr. Phyl designs and develops wellness programs for resorts, corporations and a wide array of organizations. She has customized workshops, seminars and retreats for organizations such as: Summit Eden, The United Way, Canyon Ranch Resort, Breast Cancer Project, Prudential, The Breakers Palm Beach, The Overtown Youth Center, The WholeExpo, Dress for Success, African American Research Library and Cultural Center, The Matriarch Gathering, ABFE (Association for Black Foundation Executives), The Lt. Governor’s Summit on Financial Education, The Open Society Foundation’s Campaign for Black Male Achievement, and much more.

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The Versatility To Satisfy Any Project

Dr. Phyl teaches people how to get healthy using therapeutic food and movement, emotional and mental balancing. Long before pharmaceutical medicine, there was another kind of medicine called Naturopathy. Naturopathy is the oldest known healing system. It includes a wide array of healing systems from all over the world including Africa, Native America, Asia, Mexico, South America and much more. Naturopathy uses food, herbs and movement to enhance the body’s self healing mechanisms.

Dr. Phyl develops and provides health prevention and intervention programs that help correct and restore imbalances in the mind and body, without the use of medications, through the use of a synergistic blend of holistic healing modalities.