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Do you know …

  • What the stages of dis-ease are and how to reverse them?
  • How to "see" dis-ease coming so that it doesn't manifest in your body?
  • How cancer survivors can ensure that they'll never get cancer again without resorting to surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation?
  • How to heal the following disorders without surgery or medication?
    • Chronic digestive disorders
    • Chronic pain, mobility restrictions and soft tissue injuries
    • Weight loss and adrenal fatigue
    • Infertility, menstrual disorders and hormonal imbalances
    • Cancer and other autoimmune dis-eases
    • Emotional distress (including depression, bulimia and more)

It all begins with YOU!

Educate and empower yourself.  Learn about the stages of dis-ease by viewing Dr. Phyl's interview on the Mind Over Matter TV Show via our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/radianthealthstrat under the "favorites" tab). Also check out our cooking classes on YouTube and stay tuned for many more recipes and Radiant Health shows coming soon. Don't want to You Tube? Click here to see the long or short version of the Mind Over Matter show in it its entirety.


Mind Over Matter 30 Min. version

Mind Over Matter 60 Min. version


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