Your Rookie Eyes

Your Radiant Rookie Eyes


A special note from Dr. Phyl …

I hope that our website takes you on a delicious journey. I hope that you will continually visit, learn from, use it and refer it to others. I hope that new insights will come to you each time you are here with us. Transformation and "ah ha" moments come to those of us who approach fundamental concepts with rookie eyes. In other words, your breakthrough comes when you are able to apply what you already “know” to new and novel situations. As you peruse our website, I invite you to see through your rookie eyes.


Beautiful Woman with Radiant EyesMe? A rookie? No way!

Radiance comes from the experience you receive as you travel on your path. It feels good to share and benefit from the knowledge you've gained. If you are not a "rookie" we don't actually want you to be a rookie again. The word “rookie” is simply a metaphor.  True wisdom comes from the depth and application of knowledge.


How can you experience depth and application of knowledge if you will not revisit foundational information, digest it at a deeper level and then apply it to new and novel situations?  It is important that we invest a little time on this issue because you need to be aware of potential setbacks that can throw you off course. Those of you who have been on the path for many years, our veterans, are particularly vulnerable to “missing the boat” on growth opportunities. When you are a rookie, these potential setbacks are more obvious, but as you become more experienced, your lessons become more subtle. The temptation is to brush off fundamental concepts because "you already know that stuff." We're suggesting that you can avoid painful pitfalls by periodically checking in with yourself to survey your emotions. If feelings of frustration, anger, fatigue, other negative emotions or a challenging situation exists, and you can’t seem to resolve the issue, it is time to revisit the basics, see where you got off track, and apply those fundamental concepts to your current challenges. Still not convinced?  Check out our brief true story called Wisdom in Action: Why you need your rookie eyes.


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