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Wisdom In Action: Why you need your rookie senses

True Story Wisdom In Action: middle aged man in suit

An upper - middle aged man came to see Dr. Phyl for an initial consultation. Before they could get started, he looked at her with great skepticism and said: "Young lady, I've been studying alternative health since before you were born. I don't see the need for you to waste time with the nutrition." Dr. Phyl asked him to explain to her why an appointment was warranted. He said, "Even though I work out at the gym every day and eat healthy, I can't lose weight. I'm having digestive problems and joint pain. You come highly recommended so I wanted to see what you could do for me."


Dr. Phyl suggested that if he was having digestive issues and joint pain then he was missing the nutritional boat somewhere. She asked him if he would be willing to allow her to go over some nutritional basics and if he would promise to listen with an open mind. He sighed, and said, "Oh, OK, just do your thing … I'll listen." As Dr. Phyl proceeded to “do her thing,” he soon realized that his nutritional habits were not as healthy as he had thought. Two months, later he called her to say that for the first time in decades the pain had left his joints and he was losing weight! This scenario is a constant occurrence in Dr. Phyl's practice. There is great wisdom in revisiting the basics with rookie eyes.


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