True Story: A Life Deferred

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A Life Deferred: A true story about a "good" man who got seduced by his shadow

True Story A Life Deferred.  Prisoner in handcuffsOne of Dr. Phyl's long distance clients lost her local massage therapist of 10 years — not to death, but to prison. He was on the spiritual path, reads spiritual literature, eats healthy, meditates and tries to live a good life. But, one day, he "just snapped" and tried to set his girlfriend's house on fire. How could this have happened to such a "good" man? Massage therapists in particular take on the energy of their clients so they are especially vulnerable to emotional stress and toxic energy IF they do not remember to clean their energy fields before and after each client. An unwillingness to clean your energy field will leave you vulnerable to your shadow's seduction. You don’t have to be a massage therapist to be susceptible to negative energy.  It is all around you, and it is up to you to be aware of it so that you do not absorb it into yourself. “Just because someone throws a ball at you doesn’t mean that you have to catch it.” We learned that concept of deciding in advance to NOT accept negativity from the late Richard Carlson. However, if you have already taken it in, one of the easiest ways to clean your energy field is to breathe deeply and release the negative thought or energy on the exhale. Daily Qi Gong practice rejuvenates your body and cleans your energy field from head to toe. As for our story of this “good man?”  Yes, it is true, it can happen to anyone, including you.


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