The Process of Healing Dis-ease


Holistic Healing also has stages; however, these stages do not have to be followed in any particular order. Ayurveda and many other ancient healing systems do recognize and encourage a preferred order: 1) Emotion; 2) Nutrition; 3) Herbs; 4) Bodywork/Treatment This order exists because it is the fastest, most efficient way to your path of healing. Let's briefly discuss each stage in its preferred order.



Man with little girlUnfortunately, our society has been socialized to avoid doing any work around emotional healing. The fear that tends to arise at the mere mention of emotional issues can be quite profound; yet, it is unnecessary, because most people have never experienced healthy emotional work. The fact of the matter is…every dis-ease begins as an emotional trigger. Emotions can be stored in our cells, tissues and organs for decades or a life time.






Improper food combining and preparation, consuming too much mucus-forming foods, and not consuming enough fiber creates digestive distress and vulnerabilities in our bodies. Learning a few simple nutritional rules will put you on your path to radiant health.



sage in handsHerbs

Herbs add flavor to food, but they also contain enzymes and have the ability to facilitate healing in your body. In America, we really miss the boat on herbs. Even basic herbs, such as rosemary, ginger or oregano have a laundry list of healing properties and make your food taste great.


Dr Phyl treating ladyBodywork/Treatment

Bodywork and treatments are an extremely important part of the healing process. Many types of congestion that can form in the organs or tissues cannot be moved or removed with medicine, herbs or nutrition. Some types of congestion have to be physically moved out of the body. For example, if you have a splinter in your finger, no amount of nutrition, herbs or medication will get that splinter out—it will have to be physically removed with tweezers. In the same way, issues such as lymphatic stagnation (including edema), lactic acid trapped in the muscles, bound up fascia and scar tissue have to be physically manipulated in order to facilitate the healing process.





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