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Radiant Healing with Qi Gong


Qi Gong (pronounced "chee kung") is a 5000 year old internal Chinese practice. "Qi" means energy or life force and "Gong" means cultivation. Qi Gong is the practice of learning to cultivate and rejuvenate your internal energy using slow, graceful movements and a variety of slow breathing techniques. Qi Gong Bow Phyllis HubbardThe practice of Qi Gong builds muscle strength, while reducing stress and enhancing energy. Its numerous health benefits are profound, including:

  • Enhancing circulation and warming the blood
  • Developing reflexes and dexterity and preventing osteoporosis
  • Increasing arterial circulation which nourishes the nervous system while helping to prevent a plethora of nervous system disorders
  • Increasing mental focus, acuity, energy and concentration and much more!

This slow, gentle exercise is performed by millions of people of all ages, physical abilities, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Qi Gong sessions can include Taoist stretching, the Five Elements Healing Meditation, or other stretching and meditation techniques. Private and group sessions are available.


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