How will Radiant Health Strategies help you envision and actualize your potential?

  • We help you reconnect with your innate wisdom so that you will access it and immediately put it to practice.
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    • As you learn how to embrace, use and transmute your shadow self (your perceived "dark side"), you will reveal your greatest source of strength.
    • As you learn to transform your shadow from seducer to teacher you'll open the door to the fulfillment of your deepest desires. Learn more about bringing radiance to your shadow.
  • You'll learn the wisdom of applying fundamental power concepts to new and novel situations so that you'll know how to respond to any situation.
  • You'll learn how to give your body what it needs so that your body will heal itself which, includes:
    • Radiant Weight Loss – lose the weight by getting healthy first and it will stay off for good!
    • Dr. Phyl hands on with baby
      Radiant Skin and Hair – learn how to radiate beauty on the outside based on what you put inside your body.
    • Radiant Dis-ease Reversal – no matter what ailment afflicts you, learn how to get to the root cause of it and, if you choose, eliminate its effects by getting on the path to Radiant Health.



    Dr. Phyl working with a client
    © Salahadeen Betts for the Open Society Institute.
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Radiant Workshops and Events: Education, workshops, retreats, seminars, cooking classes and more

Dis-ease Reversal: Holistic Dis-ease Reversal, Weight Loss Strategies and Stress (Lifestyle) Management and more

Radiant Healing with Qi Gong

Therapeutic Massage: Radiant Healing with Therapeutic Bodywork and Ayurvedic Therapies (LMT #6211)

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