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You wanna get healthy, but you're too busy? Think it's too expensive? Think it's too hard to change? Afraid your family and friends won't support you? Don't know where to begin? Let us be your guide! We can help you make the transition to Radiant Health an enjoyable adventure. Every "body" is different, and we all heal differently. We will work with you and create a personalized life plan to help you get and stay radiant. During your consultations with us you'll learn simple strategies you can incorporate into your daily life that may include:




Radiant Healing with foods

  • Radiant Healing with Food
  • Certain foods stimulate healing and others inhibit the therapeutic process. However the foods that stimulate healing for some body types may not be appropriate for other types. You will learn simple nutritional tricks specific to your body type that will increase your metabolism and overall vitality, facilitating the healing process.

  • Radiant Healing with Herbs
  • Single herbs and traditional Ayurvedic formulas work amazingly well on all of the major organs and systems of your body. You will receive a list of herbs to take or to use in cooking to refine your personalized healing plan.


  • Alfalfa Seeds PK-VRadiant Healing with Ayurveda and Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils work in harmony with your body to normalize and balance and are used for their powerful healing effects in an enormous number of applications. Utilizing the wisdom of Ayurveda and other holistic modalities, we create your personalized blend to target your specific needs.




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