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Although no booklet can take the place of working directly with a Radiant Health Strategies practitioner, our Quick Start Guides have the tools you need to get you on your path to Radiant Health NOW!


But I've tried so many times to get healthy and failed. How can Radiant Health Strategies help me succeed for good? We help you understand the reasons why you developed the dis-ease in the first place. Then we teach you how to give your body what it needs and your body heals itself. Other programs fail because they consist of pseudo quick fixes, symptom management and damage control.



Butterfly in hand

Get Radiant!
The fundamentals you need to know for
Radiant Health, Beauty and Longevity.

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Radiant Virility and Fertility
Increase or revitalize your sex

drive …

Woman holding baby

Learn the connection between radiant health, sensuality, sexuality and fertility.
Have a radiant baby!

Girl holding out large jeans after weight loss.

Radiant Weight Loss
Increase your metabolism and lose that weight for good!

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Radiant Dis-ease Reversal
Learn the stages of dis-ease and how to reverse them—regardless of the dis-ease!

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The Radiant Shopping Guide
Demystify the shopping experience (including confusing labels and more!)


Our clients have used the tools in our guides to reverse a wide variety of dis-eases. When you are ready, we would love to work with you. Click here to order your Quick Start Guide(s), make an appointment or visit our services page.

Caution! Continual use of our Quick Start Guides may lead to some deliciously pleasant side effects! To view them, click here.