How are you living?

Our mission is to guide you to embody your innate holistic wisdom so that you will rediscover and fall back in love with your true self. We accomplish our mission by interpreting cutting - edge contemporary research synthesized with indigenous and holistic wisdom YOU can use right now to heal and transform your life.
Do you know who you are and why you're here?Philosophy of Phylliss Hubbard Radiant Health Strategies
    Our goal is to guide you on your path to Radiant Health through:
  • Education and self empowerment
  • Holistic lifestyle management
  • Bodywork therapies and customized self healing tools
    Dr. Phyl's 3 fundamental truisms:
  • Truism #1: You have the choice and the power to change your life.
  • Truism #2: You have within you the wisdom and ability to achieve and maintain Radiant Health.
  • Truism #3: There is no "bad" part of you; only parts of you yearning for love, acceptance or transmutation.

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Testimonial ...

Hey Phyllis!


I meant to send you a note for a long time to thank you for something you did for me about two months ago.  I saw you at the Lovelace Women’s Hospital health expo and reached in to get one of [your] wooden coins.  It said “You can un-get” .  You explained to me how you learned to un-get your childhood ailment and made me see that I, too, can un-get things in my life that have had too much power over me.  It was our conversation that day that started me on a totally new path.  I started my own business and am living a life where I actually have some control!  And some peace!  Thank you for sharing your insight with me that day.  I am so grateful that you took the time to explain something so important. 


Audrey Ryan