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What is Naturopathy?

Simply put, Naturopathy is the oldest known healing system. It includes a wide variety of healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Kemetic Healing Practices, Chinese Medicine, indigenous practices from the U.S. (such as the work of Hanna Kroeger) and all over the world.

Why should I learn more about Naturopathy?

Just as modern industry and practices are killing our planet, we are allowing them to slowly damage and eventually kill us. We have evolved into a society that believes that what is synthetic (such as modern drugs) is real and what is real is "new age." Allopathic medicine is only a few hundred years old. Naturopathy dates back thousands of years. On the path to radiant health, Naturopathy teaches us how to restore our connection with ourselves and with nature. If you watch an ape all day, you notice a specific eating pattern. An ape knows which leaf, root, flower or fruit to eat from a given plant or tree. The ape does what it needs to do to survive, including protecting its boundaries and asserting its will when necessary. The ape was born with this primal knowledge. Humans are also born with this primal knowledge, but somehow we have lost our connection with the earth and, sadly, with ourselves. We stopped believing in the body's power to heal itself if we give it time and what it needs and then get out of the way. That power still exists.

When you discover Naturopathy, you rebuild the bridge that connects your mind with your body and spirit. The mind, body, spirit and emotions initiate the process of synchronization which facilitates your healing process. Herein lies the beauty inside of you that manifests the bliss you've been searching for your whole life. Don't let it remain undiscovered. Let us guide you on the path. You can begin today by setting your intention to manifest all that you desire. Together we can make sure that you stick to your plan and achieve the fulfillment that you deserve.

How can you start to live a healthier life?

Most of our clients do not realize that their current dining and lifestyle habits are actually fueling their health disorders. The first 3 steps on the path to Radiant Health are covered in great detail during our initial consultation. Each of these steps seems minor until you begin to implement them, because the new practices force you out of your conventional box into the delicious world of the unknown. So, with an open mind and a willingness to try some new strategies, We invite you to embark upon the journey of a lifetime … the path to Radiant Health.

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