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Radiant Healing with Herbs


Herbs (also called "spices") and traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulas work amazingly well on all of the major organs and systems of your body. As a follow-up to your initial Radiant Health consultation, you will learn practical ways to use herbs to refine your personalized healing plan.

What is Herbology?

Fresh Oregano from Dr. Phyl's garden.
Fresh oregano from Dr. Phyl's garden
Herbology uses plants, herbs, and spices therapeutically to promote the healing of your body, mind and emotions. Ayurvedic and many other holistic healing traditions suggest that the body heals four ways:
  • Emotion
  • Nutrition
  • Herbs
  • Bodywork and therapeutics

Why are herbs important?

Consider this unique herbal equation:
herbs = enzymes = flavor = healing/cleansing properties

Fresh Rosmary in hand from Dr. Phyl's garden.
Fresh rosemary from Dr. Phyl's garden.
The Standard American Diet (appropriately called "SAD") is remarkably devoid of herbs. Most of our clients don't know that the herbs in their pantry can be used to heal many common dis-eases. It is not necessary for you to become an "herbal connoisseur." Start slow by using more of the herbs in your pantry to season your food. Here are a few guidelines and some useful information to help you get started:

  • Only use organic fresh or organic, non-irradiated dried herbs
  • Use common herbs that you already know
  • For salty foods, try these herbs commonly used in popular Italian seasonings:
    • Rosemary – a brain tonic, promotes respiratory and cardiovascular health
    • Sage – a purifying herb that soothes the nerves, an expectorant
    • Unrefined sea salt – rich in electrolytes, essential for cleansing the blood, removes edema (when applied topically—click here to learn more about the healing power of salt)
    • Oregano – a powerful antifungal, antibacterial herb that is essential during allergy, cold and flu season
  • Ginger in fresh and powdered form.
    Ginger in fresh and powdered form.
    For sweet foods, try these herbs commonly used in desserts:
    • Cinnamon – promotes healthy cardiovascular function, relieves thirst, increases perspiration and detoxification through the skin
    • Ginger – an important digestive aid, increases circulation, a cardiac tonic
    • Nutmeg – calms the nerves, relieves coughs and insomnia, is a natural sedative (never use more than ¼ teaspoon at a time)
    • Cloves – an expectorant, good for sinus issues, an aphrodisiac

All of the herbs mentioned above have MANY more healing properties than we listed. Dr. Phyl's favorite herb is turmeric. Click here to learn why. Wanna learn more about herbs? Then it's time to Get Radiant! Click here to check out our Radiant Health Services page or make an appointment.

Not quite ready to make an appointment? Order your Radiant Health Strategies Quick Start Guide today. Our Radiant Health Strategies Quick Start guide teaches you many important insights such as the top 5 herb groups for Radiant Health and much more!


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