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   Traveling To Miami Beach? 



Practice Qigong with Dr. Phyl


At Canyon Ranch Resort in Miami Beach


You have to be a resident or guest at Canyon Ranch Resort to attend Dr. Phyl's classes and lectures. The current class schedule is as follows:



Mondays:  Introduction to 2pm; Qigong 3pm; Breathe! Strategies for Reducing Stress 4pm

Fridays: Qigong on the Beach 8am; Qigong 11am; Centering Meditation 12pm  



© Some pictures Salahadeen Betts for the Open Society Foundation

 “Normal healthy people use about 60% of their circulatory system. When our Qi increases this percentage also goes up.

So how is this any different than jogging? In Qigong the body is totally relaxed, yet the blood is mobilized to flow powerfully.

Because there is no stress response or cortisol release, which contracts blood vessels, the blood can enter areas that may have been

blocked off for years. No other exercise offers this level of circulation to organs and glands.”

Supreme Science Qigong Foundation


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