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Radiant Naturopathy for Rookies

Naturopathy is the oldest known healing system. It includes a wide variety of healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Kemetic Healing Practices, Chinese Medicine, indigenous practices from the U.S. (such as the work of Hanna Kroeger) and all over the world. There are dozens of healing modalities and an in-depth understanding of just one modality could take a lifetime to digest so how can you make sense of it all? Why would you want to learn any of it? Consider this:  most allopathic (medical) doctors spend less than 15 minutes with each of their patients and they are continually being pressured to see more and more patients in a day. It's no wonder that the Mayo clinic estimates that the diagnoses of allopathic doctors are correct about 12% of the time. On average, allopathic doctors receive $10,000 per year from pharmaceutical companies to dispense medication. Most allopathic doctors admit that they don't have time to consult the Physicians' Desk Reference to look up medications — they simply rely on information provided to them by their pharmaceutical representative. Wouldn't now be a good time to start taking charge of your own health? Learn basic strategies for incorporating the principles of naturopathy into your everyday life so that you can learn how to prevent dis-ease from occurring or reoccurring.

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