Radiant Workshops

Radiant Virility and Fertility

Why do female frigidity, infertility, "Low T", and erectile dysfunction appear to be on the rise? The faulty messages delivered by popular culture have inspired the decline in the health of men for decades and the results are now being felt on a broad scale. For example, most women believe that infertility is caused by some problem within them.  However; the sperm count in men has declined 50% each generation for the past 4 generations. Why has this issue not been addressed? There are many lubricants on the market because women have practically "dried up."  A healthy woman does not need a personal lubricant. What's going on? Even if procreation is not desired, men need a healthy sperm count and women need sexual vitality and healthy hormonal function to live a radiant life. The amount of times that couples make love has been on a steady decline. Some couples exist in sexless marriages. Where is the love? What happened to the passion? Why are we becoming less fertile? Why have we lost interest in lovemaking? How can we get it back without drugs or invasive treatments? This workshop addresses all of these issues and provides you with strategies for rebuilding and maintaining your virility all the days of your life.

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