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Radiant Relationships: Family, Lovers and Friends

Do you have family members, friends or associates who really "push your buttons"? Would you like to find a loving healthy way to transform those relationships and increase your sense of inner peace? Would you like to rediscover the hot, burning passion that you used to share with your lover? Do you believe that you deserve to be loved fully by a person who matches you on every level? Do you want to know how to attract that person? It all begins with being able to identify and define your true core values. Often times, my clients would proclaim that they just can't find that special someone. But, when I ask them to list the specific traits or values that they want this person to have, I hear a lot of vague, unexamined descriptions that my clients can't even define. No wonder they can't find their true love! You have to learn how to get clear about who you are and what you want before you can attract "it" to you. This workshop uncovers reasons why relationships can be challenging and gives you practical strategies for positively transforming specific and/or all of the relationships in your life … ncluding your relationship with yourself!

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