Radiant Workshops

Who Am I and Why Am I here? Unleashing Your Inner Radiance

If a genie showed up at your front door and offered you all the money and resources you needed to do or be whatever you wanted, would you choose to keep your current "job" or would you do or be something or someone else? Or, would your mind draw a blank because you really don't know who you are or what you want? We are influenced by so many people: our parents, siblings, extended family, colleagues, friends, the media … how do we identify our own true voice? This empowering workshop uses extended identity statement exercises to help you unleash your inner radiance and uncover your deeply hidden talents. The purpose of the identity statement exercise is to help put you on the path to Radiant Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health—it refuels the fire within and awakens your inner passions. It is a tool that takes you further down your path of discovery…back to your true self.

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