Radiant Workshops

Get Radiant! Achieving Radiant Health in the Real World

"I wanna Get Radiant" but I'm too busy, healthy food is too expensive, I can't change my bad habits, my family won't support me, I don't know how to get started … Yet, something inside you is calling. Is it your inner child? Unfulfilled passions? Are you willing to heed your call? Are you ready to release heavy burdens you've carried? Is your shadow in the way? Do you know the stages of dis-ease and how to reverse them? Do you know what's missing from your life and how to fill the void? If you already "know" this "stuff" then why aren't you doing it? How do you get from "knowing" the path to "walking" the path? Why is it so easy to get derailed? You've got the education, family and career so why aren't you happy? So much conflicting information out there, what sources can you trust? Your next steps on your path to Radiant Health involve the shift necessary to facilitate the inspired action and positive change which helps your body, mind and spirit heal itself. This presentation uses simple strategies which invite you to reconnect with your true essence and embark upon the journey of a lifetime.

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