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Pancha Karma Therapy At Home


Are you tired of those harsh "cleanses" that leave you feeling depleted? Your body is a self-healing genius. Harsh cleanses force your body to rid itself of toxins — often faster than you can move them out of your system which can cause fatigue or illness. Pancha karma means "five actions."  Simply put, pancha karma is a series of gentle Ayurvedic therapeutic rejuvenation techniques that are customized to support your personal healing process. It works sort of like a fast to clean and rebalance your body systems using intensive yet mild therapies. Although there are some procedures than must be administered by a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, there are some therapies that you can do at home to rejuvenate your body. Learn simple techniques that you can do at home for clearing toxins out of your blood after surgery or invasive techniques, for health maintenance, to heal dis-ease, after returning from a vacation, or after an illness requiring medication.


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