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Cancer Prevention Reversal and Recovery


Cancer is no longer a death sentence.  In fact, cancer was NEVER a death sentence. Have you grown weary of the “let’s pull out our guns and fight cancer” mantras?  The truth is that cancer doesn't come from some source outside of you.  The idea of “fighting” cancer is sort of ridiculous because it resides inside of your body.  So what is the real issue here? Cancer occurs when some of your cells decide that they no longer want to play on your team anymore. This phenomenon is caused by cellular confusion. Logic would suggest that if your cells can become confused, they can become “clear” through the re-establishing the homeostatic balance in your body.  This seminar covers the REAL issues behind the causes of cancer and is appropriate for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, are in treatment, recovery, cancer survivors who want to ensure that they never “get” cancer again, health care workers and anyone who is a caretaker of a person in cancer treatment.

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