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Inner Child ...

Your inner child is the childlike part of you.  It is the part of you that needs creative expression and wants to have fun … “playtime.” It is also the part of you that influences many of your adult choices. Most of us have experienced some form of childhood trauma that affects the way we “view” our world today. When we do not revisit our childhood traumas with adult eyes, these traumas may cause us to create and develop faulty self-perceptions that we carry with us throughout our lives.  In this way, our “inner child” can keep us from experiencing true fulfillment due to unresolved issues of the past such as repressed anger, fear or lack of expression. More often than not, our childhood stories are a jumbled up combination of real experiences and illusions, but we may believe that it is all “real.” Learning how to separate the real from the illusion is a liberating, life changing process.  To learn more about your inner child and how to overcome past traumas, Click here to make an appointment.


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