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Healthy food is too expensive ...


The perceived expense of living a healthier lifestyle often keeps people from getting started.  However, there are many VERY expensive products on the market that are not healthy and function only as damage control agents (i.e. cosmetics and prescription drugs).  When you begin to phase out the unhealthy and phase in the healthy and clear the toxins from your life (toxic cosmetics, detergents, etc.) you’ll find that you’ll have MORE money not less. Here’s a simple example: People spend as much as $15 for tube of eye drops to combat “dry eyes.”  One of the best ways to soothe dry eyes is to put one drop of castor oil in each eye before bedtime (castor oil is also an excellent eye moisturizer and eye drops can cost as much as $50!).  An 8 ounce bottle of castor oil will cost about $4 and will last at least 100 times longer than eye drops you purchase in the drug store. Because castor oil nourishes and helps heal the eyes, you will not have to use it as often.  Most people end up using the castor oil for other issues because their eyes recover so quickly.  Our quick start guide contains a comprehensive shopping list to help you get your pantry in order. 


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