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What's up with 2012?

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Awakening ∞ Proactivity ∞ Harmony ∞ Balance


The world will not end in 2012. Let's all take a deep breath and sigh of relief: So Hum … 2012 marks the beginning of the new consciousness. All we have to do to get ready is to raise our current level of consciousness.Vision Sign  I wrote this commentary to give you some Radiant Health Strategies to work with in preparation for and as we move through 2012.

Before I share my vision for the new radiant earth for Health Care and the Healing Arts, it is imperative that we as a society consider the actions we can take today that will enable us to manifest this vision. To that end, I will first comment on our current state of affairs and then synthesize my vision with suggestions that we as new radiant earth hopefuls can immediately put into practice.

Just as modern industry and practices are damaging our planet, we are allowing them to slowly damage and eventually kill us. Our planet thrived in radiance long before we humans arrived, and, despite how we've Girl contemplating her futuredefiled her, Mother Earth will be here long after we've transitioned. "Saving the planet" isn't about a fear that Mother Earth will die. She is much more resilient and wiser than us, and she deserves pristine honor, love and respect. However, "saving the planet" is about saving ourselves while we dwell here and ensuring a radiant future for many generations to come.

We have evolved into a society who believes that what is synthetic (such as modern drugs) is real and what is real (such as herbal therapy) is "new age or woo-woo." Allopathic medicine is only a few hundred years old. Lady looking out window of dark room.Naturopathy, which encompasses all forms of holistic healing, dates back thousands of years. On our paths to Radiant Health, Naturopathy teaches us how to restore our connection with ourselves and with nature. If we were to watch an ape all day, we would notice a specific eating pattern. An ape knows which leaf, root, flower or fruit to eat from a given plant or tree. The ape does what it needs to do to survive, including protecting its boundaries and asserting its will when necessary. The ape was born with this primal knowledge. Humans are born with the same primal knowledge, but somehow we have lost our connection with the earth and, sadly, with ourselves. We stopped believing in our body's power to heal itself if we give it time and what it needs and then get out of the way. However, that knowledge and power within us still exists.


As a Naturopath, I am one of our guides on our paths to Radiant Health. Along with many other guides, I help us to rebuild the bridges that connect our minds, bodies, spirits and emotions. These reconnections initiate the processes of synchronization which facilitate true healing. Herein lies the beauty inside of us that manifests the bliss for which we have been on a life-long search.


In order for my vision for health care and the healing arts to become a reality, there must be an awakening of the general public, followed by proactivity to help reestablish honesty and integrity within ALL health care professions, and harmony and balance between allopathic and naturopathic modalities.


Alarm clock awakeningThe awakening …

Most of us do not realize that our current nutritional and lifestyle habits are actually fueling our health disorders. Hippocrates said "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." Somehow this message has faded away. In today's society we would never think of food as medicine. We understand that our particular model of car requires a very specific type of oil, but how much do we really think about the particular type of fuel our bodies require? Did you know that more than half of all allopathic doctors admit that they do not have time to refer to the Physician's Desk Reference to study pharmaceutical drugs before recommending their use? Instead, they write prescriptions based on what they are told by the pharmaceutical representatives of the various drug companies. Allopathic doctors are continually pressured to see more and more patients each day. Most allopaths spend as little as 15 minutes with each patient, and have had perhaps one course in nutrition. We are talking about basic conventional nutrition, not the type of Naturopathic nutrition that uses food, water, herbs, etc. to help the body heal itself. Furthermore, many allopathic doctors are so unhealthy; they find themselves taking the very medications that they prescribe. How can they provide quality health care or guidance?


Hand holding fresh oregenoThe general public's nutritional knowledge comes primarily from marketing campaigns. The misconceptions that exist in conventional thought are both astounding and alarming. For example, if I were to say that we need electrolytes, we immediately think of a toxic beverage such as Gatorade. If I say that we need calcium, we think it must come from milk—a substance that requires more calcium to be leeched from our bones to neutralize milk's acid than what we actually receive from the milk itself. Most of us cannot define clean protein, because we believe that protein only comes from meat. I've turned my consultation office into a mini apothecary because most of my clients have never seen even basic whole grains such as whole oats (oat groats) or hulled barley. I keep mung beans as well as orange, yellow, and black lentils on display. Most of my clients have never seen Celtic salt, Himalayan Crystal salt or any other high quality sea salt. Quinoa, amaranth, teff and spices I consider to be common such as cardamom, coriander and fenugreek are labeled "weird" or "strange." I grow many herbs in my garden and I take my clients out on mini herb tours to help restore some sort of connection to our earth. At the time of this writing, only one of my clients has been able to identify the herb oregano by smelling it. I specifically choose oregano to test my clients' knowledge because of the overwhelming influence of Italian culture on our food. Yet, none of my clients knew what oregano looked like in its natural state and only one individual could identify it by smelling the leaves.


I am amazed at how many of my clients and people that I speak with in general insist that they already know about nutrition. During the initial consultation with me, clients try to focus our session on herbs, aromatherapy, some magic juice from the Amazon rain forest or on their particular dis-ease. I insist, often to their annoyance, that they allow me to FIRST teach them about naturopathic nutrition in the context of understanding the body systems and how they feed each other, the stages of dis-ease and the processes of healing. I persist because I know that it is the only way to inspire the awakening. So, I teach my mini-lesson and watch as the awakening unfolds. First an eyebrow is raised. Then my client sits up in his/her chair and studies both me and my whiteboard intently. When the light bulb finally goes off, my client confesses that most of what he/she has learned over the years has been incorrect and the real education finally begins.

Girl on grass looking for something.

How did we come to live in a world where allopathic doctors are increasingly being asked to see more and more patients a day, rendering them so busy that they can't even take the time to study or at the very least review the medications they are prescribing? When we have to be hospitalized, the nursing staffs assigned to take care of us (who are working at least twelve hours at a time) are exhausted, pumped up with pain medications, caffeine and junk food to get them through their inhumane shifts. Allopathic doctors now offer medication and surgery as the first option, neither of which addresses the actual cause of an illness.
Where do we as conventional society fit into this current world? We wait until we are so sick that we can barely function before we go to the doctor, and then we accept what the doctor tells us at face value, take our prescriptions and race back to work. We wear the badge of "Superman" or "Wonder Woman" with pride. We treat ourselves as if we are robots that can just replace or oil a part and keep on trucking. Where is the humanity? Where is the proactivity on our part? Why do we believe in advertising campaigns without question? Why can't we see the hidden propaganda in marketing materials and listed in the ingredients of our food?


Consider this metaphor presented by the great Kemetic scholar Ra Un Nefer Amen:

school of fishThe fish in a fish farm are chronically ill with sores because the water is polluted. The "professional" fish doctors—even though they have never cured a single fish—have determined that the cause of the sores is germ infection, and proceeded to introduce antibiotics into the feed of the fish. It is obvious that they will not cure the fish because they are treating an effect and not the root cause. Perhaps they have failed to investigate the condition of the matter because their "scientific" training has convinced them—with thousands of statistical proofs—that the cause of the sores is infection by germs.

In all areas of life, we have trained ourselves to "treat an effect and not the root cause." This training has materialized at the expense of our own intuition and basic common sense. Health care, having lost its true meaning, has digressed to "medicine care" and quick fixes. Unfortunately, we have convinced ourselves with many different forms of "statistical proofs" to justify our arguments for the ways we have chosen to live … yet these arguments are faulty and we are paying the price with our lives!


Awakening to the truth requires:

  • Letting go of old constructs without the negative judgment of self or others
  • Opening our minds and hearts to the truth
  • Having the courage to see things as they actually are — including learning to embrace and use our shadow side
  • The willingness to holistically search for the root cause of a health issue — and then taking the appropriate actions to heal them
  • Dropping the faulty assumption that our new path will be worse or more difficult than our old path


Meditation ProcativityUpon awakening, our paths to Radiant Health require proactivity, which must be backed up with persistence. Persistence is necessary because once we awaken to the truth and begin to act on what we know, we will most certainly receive intense resistance from the old constructs that are currently in place.
Oftentimes, we feel powerless because the challenges that are set before us seem enormous. However; it is the little things that we do consistently, persistently, and in spite of any obstacles that surface, on a daily basis that will bring about the manifestation of our new radiant earth. Because we have been taught to think conventionally, we must now learn to think for ourselves. Most of us believe that we already think for ourselves, but when questioned, what comes out of us are the voices of our mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors and marketing campaigns. Where are our true voices? We cannot hear our authentic voices until we rid ourselves of the voices of influence in our minds. We must teach ourselves how to overcome conventional thought by proactively and persistently identifying propaganda and replacing it with our personal truths. We can help ourselves by participating in some sort of spiritual practice such as Qi Gong, meditation, affirmative prayer, silent contemplative walks, etc.

Girl MeditationMy ultimate vision is to help guide us to embody our innate holistic wisdom so that we can rediscover and fall back in love with our true selves. I accomplish my mission by interpreting cutting-edge research synthesized with indigenous and holistic wisdom that all of us can use to heal and transform our lives. However, once I deliver the information, it is up to us to absorb what applies to us and act on it. The current conventions do not serve us anymore. As a guide, I do not allow my clients to rely solely on me for information. I do not create dependence or co-dependence. I create butterflies. My job is to educate, empower and inspire us to think and act for ourselves. Like children on swings, I give little "pushes" until my clients have the confidence and energy to generate their own momentum.


Lady lighting candle, ProactivityOur new radiant earth must be populated with the new "us" — we the people, who will educate ourselves so that we will know the difference between the truth and propaganda in advertisements and the media. We must demand truth in advertising, requiring manufacturers to hold themselves accountable to the highest code of ethics. We don't have to protest. Money talks. All we have to do is stop giving our money to business that produce substandard products and start giving our money to business that produce quality products. We must go to our local restaurants and demand that our foods be prepared with high quality unrefined sugar and sea salt, brown rice and uncooked, unrefined oils. We must ask our grocers to stock seeded watermelon and seeded grapes. We must stop purchasing genetically modified foods — especially foods without seeds! We must stop purchasing meats that are injected with antibiotics, ammonia and growth hormones, perpetuating the cruel treatment of animals, and disrupting the homeostatic balance in our bodies. We must stop purchasing foods full of additives, preservatives and carcinogens. Bad food combining has become big business because many of these bad food combinations (such as combining meat and cheese) are highly addictive. For this reason, we as proactive individuals must educate ourselves about bad food combinations that facilitate the genesis of dis-ease and refuse to purchase them at supermarkets and in restaurants. Most of all, we must take back our power as educated beings. What I have listed above are mere baby steps, but if we would begin by implementing these strategies, we will initiate a series of positive chains of events and revolutionize our health and well being. We will transmute and transform ourselves in all areas of our lives.


Harmony and Balance
paradigm shiftFinally, we must pursue harmony and balance in the synthesis of all healing modalities. In my vision of the new radiant earth, there is a place for everyone, and there is harmony and balance between the contributions of allopathic and naturopathic practitioners. Currently, very little harmony and practically no balance exists. Allopathic doctors tend to treat us Naturopaths like "new-age-tootie-fruities." We have very few legal rights. We are treated as if we are "quacks" and are given little or no credibility. On the other hand, we Naturopaths treat allopathic doctors as if they were pill-pushing pimps who desire to cut people open at the first and every opportunity.

Smiling Group looking up.The polarization has to stop. There is more than enough for all of us. One of my favorite spiritual gurus, Michael Bernard Beckwith, says, "If everyone on the planet took a breath at the same time, we would not run out of air." There is a place for all of us, but on all sides, we must refine, transmute and transform our current practices. In order for harmony and balance to exist, we must learn to work together. Allopathic doctors must learn to look first to the root cause of a problem and if they cannot identify it, they must learn to call on their naturopathic partners. Naturopaths must respect the various modalities on both sides and understand that when a dis-ease has gone too far, surgical intervention may be appropriate or even necessary. For example, I am grateful for the beautiful work allopathic surgeons have done with cleft palate surgery. As much as I dislike medication, there are times, such as post surgery, when the temporary use of pain medication may be warranted. We all travel on different paths. We need to clean up our collective acts and be responsible for all that we do. However, it is time for us to stop judging the paths that others take and start supporting each other on our individual and collective journeys, teaching and learning along the way.

Hands holding plantIn my vision of the new radiant earth, we the people are empowered. We live in a world where words such as whole grains, natural and organic have regained their true meaning because we can no longer be fooled by creative yet dishonest advertising campaigns.

In my vision of the new radiant earth, health care actually means health care and the healing processes are truly recognized as art. Synergy among the various healing modalities supersedes ego tripping, polarization and bickering. Our connection to our earth is restored, facilitating working with instead of against nature.

We must act now. Let us not simply share our visions of our new radiant earth. Let us become new radiant earth people now by doing our part right now every day to ignite the manifestation of our visions.


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