Your Shadow

Bringing Radiance to your Shadow Side ...


Cresent MoonYour shadow side is the dark side of you. We all have a shadow side and its purpose is to make you aware of those parts of you needing love, acceptance and/or transmutation. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to believe that we are not supposed to have a shadow side — that there are "good" people and "bad" people. The bad people are the problem, right? Those bad people have shadow sides, but not us.

Really? But what about our moon?

Isn't our moon beautiful? What's your favorite shape? Many people love the crescent moon. Regardless of which shape you prefer, do you realize that most of our moon (from our visual perspective on earth) lies in its shadow? Does that make the moon bad? Or would that suggest that there are areas of the moon that are simply not illuminated? Hmmmm …

Let's put the labels "good" and "bad" aside and consider this prose your wake up call. We ALL have a shadow side. Those of us who exhibit negative behavior have simply given up our power to our shadow side, allowing our shadow to use us. We always have a choice, but once the seduction of our shadow has begun, it may be tough for us to find our way out … to find our true voice. At this point, even if we want to "do right" we may struggle to find our way back home to balance, peace and serenity. Those of us on the path to Radiant Health may think, "Well, that would never happen to me." The fact of the matter is any one of us at any time can be short circuited, caught off guard, or sucked into the vortex of our dark side. FEAR NOT! Here are some Radiant Health Strategies you can use to regain control of your shadow when it arises:

  • Acknowledge the existence of your shadow side
  • Be aware of its potential to test you and don't ignore the test (you'll pass!)
  • Know that YOU have the power to overcome your shadow at any time
  • Remember that the purpose of your shadow is to bring your awareness to an issue that needs to be released — it can be a beautiful, transformative experience and your greatest source of strength

Radiant Health Strategies in Action: Applying the Shadow Concept to Your Life


In simplified terms, when your shadow arises, instead of listening to it and acting on it directly, ask yourself, "What is my shadow trying to tell me?" For example, when jealousy arises, instead of actually becoming jealous, ask yourself, "What is it that I think another person has that I don't have? If I believe that I don't have "it," how can I manifest “it” into my life in a healthy way—in a way that works specifically for me?" Then you can acknowledge your shadow self by saying something like this: "Thank you, Shadow, for making me aware that I need to be happy for this person instead of jealous of them. Thank you, Shadow, for reminding me that I forgot that there is enough of everything for everyone. I don't need to succumb to jealousy. What I don't have I will get. What I don't know I will learn and it will be just right for me. In the meantime, I will be happy for this person. Thank you!" When you acknowledge the issue, it fades away and you elevate your level of consciousness.  However, if you choose to ignore the issue, it will return again and again. It will cause many levels of stress and will seduce you into actions that do not serve your highest good. There are only two choices: either you use your shadow or it will use you.

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