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The Wise Counselor

(Kapha, the elements of water + earth, means "nourish")

What can I do to nourish myself today?


Phyllis The Leader
Dr. Phyl's great-grandmother was a wise counselor.
This webpage is dedicated to her memory and legacy.

Where does the wise counselor in me show up in my body? Your lungs are the main physical place where the wise counselor in you lives. Water and earth make sticky mud right? Your lungs are wet, moist and rich in mucus. So think about all of the places in your body that need nourishment or some sort of glue or lubrication to hold itself together or function properly: all forms of water works in your body, your immunity, what keeps your skin moist, what lubricates your joints, etc.


How do I know when the wise counselor in me is out of balance? Think about things that accumulate and stick together. Sticky emotions such as greed, attachment (neediness), melancholy, possessiveness, addictive behaviors, depression, lethargy, grief, weight gain and physical dis-eases such as tumors, fibrocystic breasts, bloating, swelling in joints, edema, clogged arteries, respiratory dis-ease, congestive heart failure and other congestive disorders, etc. are all examples of an imbalance.


How do I know when the wise counselor in me is balanced? When the wise counselor in you is balanced, you have the wisdom to nurture others AND yourself. You tend to be maternal or paternal, loving, compassionate, strong, wise, stable, calm and juicy (sexual). The wise counselor in you makes people want to want to curl up in your loving arms and let your warm embrace nourish and envelop them.


What can I do to help the wise counselor in me stay balanced? Stay active and enjoy light foods such as:

  • Light veggies: raw foods, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, dandelion
    greens and root, beets and beet greens, radishes, watercress, celery, onions
  • Light fruits: apples, berries, cherries, jicama, limes, lemons, kiwi, peaches
  • Dry, light beans and grains: aduki, fava, mung and pinto beans, chick peas,
    buckwheat, rye, millet, amaranth, barley, quinoa

If you eat animal products they must be in small portions, organic, grain fed (eggs), wild, free range and raised without antibiotics, hormones, are not vaccinated or genetically modified: eggs, wild fish, poultry (white meat), bison and venison are appropriate for the wise counselor. If you are eating out, Vietnamese food and soup and salad combos are your best bet. Essential oils such as ginger, marjoram and orange will help reverse an imbalance.

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