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The Leader

(Pitta, the elements of fire + water, means "focus")

What is the most important action I can take today?

Phyllis The Leader
You can be a combined body type. Dr. Phyl is a

Leader/Wise Counselor (Pitta-Kapha), but she has to

work hard to keep her networker (vata) in balance.

Where does the leader show up in my body? Your stomach is the main physical place where the leader in you lives. Your stomach has a lot of fire and water (in the form of gastric juices). This fire and water combo is needed to help break down your food. So think about all of the areas in your body that need focus to get the job done: metabolism, the regulation of your body's temperature, digestion, assimilation, absorption, etc.

How do I know when the leader in me is out of balance? Have you ever been stuck on a thought or topic that you can't let go of? Indigestion, inflammation, headaches, fever, viral infections, profuse sweating, body odor, high blood pressure and the tendency to get rashes is an example of too much focus. Other examples of an imbalance include cynicism, trust issues, the tendency to judge, being prone to anger, resentment, envy or hatred.

How do I know when the leader in me is balanced? When the leader in you is balanced, you are confident, intelligent, disciplined, goal-oriented, understanding, dedicated and a great, focused executive. You look to the leader in you for precision, decision and guidance.

What can I do to help the leader in me stay balanced? Enjoy foods and beverages that cool and nourish the body and reduce inflammation such as:

  • Beverages: aloe vera juice, triphala, mint, fennel and neem tea, almond or rice milk
  • Cooling nourishing foods: raw foods, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, okra, black-eyed peas, black beans, fava and pinto beans, carrots, cucumbers, berries, cherries, fennel, quinoa
  • Mild spices: cilantro, dill, cumin, coriander, turmeric, saffron, fennel and peppermint

If you eat meat it must be in small portions, organic, wild, free range, grain fed (eggs), and raised without antibiotics, hormones, are not vaccinated or genetically modified: wild fish, poultry (white meat), egg whites, bison, venison (deer) are appropriate for the leader. If you are eating out, Asian food is your best bet. Essential oils such as lavender, coriander, peppermint, yarrow and ylang ylang will also help to reverse an imbalance.

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