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How to balance your body, mind and emotions using Ayurveda.


Which type are you?
It's all in you. Which characteristics shine through you the most?

Before Dr. Phyl was a BCND (Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor), she devoted many years to the study and practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a system that is both extremely simple and extremely complex. It is simple because once you learn the basic concepts you simply apply those concepts in a multitude of ways. It can be complex because you can make the mistake of getting lost in the jargon and you forget that the key is to apply what you already know to new and novel situations. Dr. Phyl learned that while many of her clients benefited from Ayurvedic principles, they would get lost in the Sanskrit jargon resulting in a number of misconceptions including:

  • Embodying a specific body type and living only from that place:
    • Problematic because you tend to forget that we are comprised of ALL of the elements (ether + air + fire + water + earth). Although you may classify yourself as a specific body type, your imbalance may not be caused by that specific body type. Your body is a unified whole and can be affected by ANY of the elements.
    • Problematic because your specific body type tells you where you tend to go when there is an imbalance. For example, if three people receive the exact same stimuli (i.e. being insulted), the IMBALANCED reaction will be different depending on their specific body type:
      • The Networker (Vata) – will tend to avoid the issue
      • The Leader (Pitta) – will tend to shout insults back, become angered and confrontational
      • The Wise Counselor (Kapha) – will tend to internalize the insult and become depressed
  • Forgetting the actual meanings of Vata, Pitta and Kapha:
    • Problematic because you get stuck on the Sanskrit words and lose the English translation
    • Problematic because you further confuse the potential imbalance you show today (your vikruti) with the potential imbalances you were born with (your prakruti)
    • Problematic because you forget that these body types have POSITIVE attributes

How to make sense of it all?

Dr. Phyl developed a way for people who are not familiar with Sanskrit to understand and use Ayurveda from the concept of its positive attributes. We hope these basic explanations will help you understand the concepts without getting lost in the jargon. As you peruse the information in the links below, notice that you will see some of the characteristics from each body type in you (because all of the elements exist in you); but, there will be at least one body type that is more like you. If you study each page, you'll begin to see patterns that will help you learn and apply the concepts. For students of Ayurveda, the Sanskrit words are also listed in parens ( ).

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