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Radiant Healing with Clinical Aromatherapy


What is Clinical Aromatherapy?

Clinical Aromatherapy uses plant-derived, fragrant essential oils therapeutically to promote the healing of the body, mind and emotions.


Red Rose in hand
Rose, an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, tonic for the heart, liver,
nervous system, spleen, uterus and much more!
from Dr. Phyl's garden
















Why are essential oils important?

Essential Oils work in harmony with your body, mind and emotions to normalize and balance and are used for their powerful healing effects in an enormous number of applications. Utilizing the wisdom of Ayurveda and many other holistic modalities, we will create your personalized Radiant Health essential oil blend to target your specific needs.

It is not necessary for you to become an "aromatherapy connoisseur." Start slow by using essential oils for practical purposes. We only use organic, wild crafted essential oils diluted in organic, unrefined carrier oils such as coconut, olive or sunflower oil.


Clary Sage in hand from Dr. Phyl's garden
Clary Sage, relieves stress, an aphrodisiac, antispasmodic

(great for asthma, aches and pains), emmenagogue

(helps balance menses) and much more!

from Dr. Phyl's garden

How can I use essential oils?

  • In therapeutic massage or abhyanga (self-massage)
  • In the bathtub, steam room or sauna (i.e. put a drop of rosemary on your towel to help you breathe in the steam room or sauna)
  • To calm a nervous, feverish or colicky baby
  • To balance hormones and mood swings
  • To take the edge off of depression or grief
  • In hot or cold compresses


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